Wedding Invitation 101 : Tips for the bride to be

HOORAY! You've selected your venue, secured a wedding date, maybe even gone to your menu tasting - these are some pretty big milestones in the wedding planning process. At this point, it's time to start thinking about your wedding invitations. But where to begin? With so many options and variables out there, here are some things to consider as you go through the process: 

Define Your Style

Modern or Rustic? Classic or Glam? Defining a theme (and it doesn't need to be  limited to just one!) is important and will be a huge part of the design process. Reflecting your wedding's theme in your invitations is a nice way to set the tone for your guests. It's like giving them a sneak peak into your wedding day - show them what they have to look forward to! 

Get Inspired

I'm sure you have been pinning away on Pinterest since the day after he proposed (and maybe even long before - ammiright ladies?),  which is great! Just don't limit your inspiration sources. Love the color of a sweater you see in a shop window? Obsessed with the pattern of a restaurant's wallpaper? Snap a photo! Having a variety of inspiration pieces only widens the creative playing field.

Timing is Everything

In the wedding world, there is no such thing as too much notice! It's recommended that you Save the Dates go out 6-8 months prior and your invitations go out 3-4 months prior to the big day. Be sure to take into account design and printing time, calligrapher/addressing time, as well as mailing time. This is not a milestone you want to be scrambling to complete!

Review twice, print once

Proofreading is such an important part of the process! Though I carefully review the final proof, the more eyes that see it - the better. Recruit some folks to help you review everything before it goes to print. Ask your fiance, your maid of honor, ask your mom - heck ask the mailman to give it a one over! Just be sure you are 100% positive everything is correct before giving the final thumbs up. 

Extra, Extra

It's always a good  idea to order a few extra sets of your save the dates or invitation suites. More often than not, a few will get lost in the mail and you will need to re-send. It's much easier on you (and more cost effective) to have a few extra on hand vs. needing to go back and order more prints.

Overwhelmed? Don't be! I am happy to help you talk through your ideas, concerns and look out for your best interest. Good luck ladies - I hope we get to chat soon! 

Stacie Restaino