Grooms Just Wanna Have Fun!

More often than not, the ladies tend to lead the charge on the wedding planning front, and I often hear brides saying that they wish their man would be involved in the process. I know wedding planning may seem like a nightmare to many men, but here are a few fun ways to have some fun and get him involved!

Hear Him Out

It might seem crazy obvious, but sometimes brides can get so wrapped in planning that they forget to ask the groom for his input and ideas. Or perhaps the groom likes to play the macho man card and pretend like they want nothing to do with decisions. Hear him out!  He may not be eager to weigh in on napkin colors, but he may have a really fun (or romantic) idea for the reception.  Just be open and don't immediately shut down his ideas. 

Pique His Interests

Is he a foodie? A musician? Let him lead the charge on that front then! Getting his hands dirty with something he is interested in is a great way to get him involved - and maybe even excited!  If there isn't anything that interests him on the to do list, perhaps you could both come up with a way to incorporate something that interests him into your day. 

Light Reading

While there are thousands of websites and blogs for brides to dive into, there aren't nearly as many out there for the guys. See if you can find some informative and funny articles and blogs to send him. A few great examples here: Wedding Bros + Broke Groom . 

Give Him the Gun

The registry gun that is! Let him be in charge of the registry scanner when you hit up your favorite stores. Watch him revert to a 7 year old boy pretending to be James Bond while getting another planning milestone completed makes for a very enjoyable afternoon. Bonus if you enjoy a nice lunch together afterwards.  

Stacie Restaino